Menswear mashup

<Hey LoBrow, The Incredible Hulk called.  He wants his shirt back.>

<No problem, girlfriend!  I just hope he’s really secure in his masculinity.>

Too big

If I flap my arms fast enough, could I fly?

I bought this 3XL men’s shirt at Value Village for $14.  It’s a lovely lilac cotton blend.

I bought another 100% cotton men’s shirt, size large, in a tiny orchid check, that I forgot to take a before pic of.  This is what’s left of it:

Not much left!

Not much left!

I cut front and back panels from the orchid check shirt, preserving the original button placket to use as the center-front of the skirt. Then I cut the side panels from the lilac shirt.  On all the panels, I preserved the original shirttail hem.  Then I pinned the panels together, and stitched up from the bottom of the skirt to keep the hemlines of the two shirts matched up.

I had plans for the sleeves that required leaving them intact, which meant I didn’t have any pieces long enough to make a waistband.  So, I pieced scraps together to make the back half of the waistband orchid and the front half lilac, and stitched it to the waist of the skirt. To finish it off, I threaded some 1 ½”-wide, non-roll elastic though the waistband.

Piece-y waistband.

Piece-y waistband.

I wanted to use the sleeves of the lilac shirt to make a sash, but they weren’t long enough to make the sash hang as long in the front as I wanted it to.  So, more piecing together.   And, to fancy-up the cuffs, I turned them back French-style and added some large pearl buttons to resemble cufflinks.

Unironed, piece-y sash with posh cuffs.

Unironed, piece-y sash with posh cuffs.

The big reveal:

Men's shirts?  What men's shirts?

Men’s shirts? What men’s shirts?

I'm digging the scalloped effect of the shirttail hem.

I’m digging the scalloped effect of the shirttail hem.

<Does the Hulk still want his shirt back, girlfriend?>


Medallions are a girl’s best friend

<Hey LoBrow, Marilyn Monroe said diamonds are a girl’s best friend.>

<Marilyn didn’t know that medallions are the new diamonds, girlfriend.>

I bought this cotton skirt at Value Village for $7.99.  Aren’t the colours and the medallion print splendid? However, the length was a bit too 1960s-flower-child for my taste.

Digging the medallions!

Medallion love.

Also, it was too small at the waist.

Can't suck my abs in enough to make this fit.

Can’t suck my abs in enough to make this fit.

So, I inserted elastic to turn the existing waistband into the neckline.  And I opened the seams at the sides and finished the edges to create armholes. Then I belted it.  Now it’s a fun summer dress!

Sparkling medallions!

Sparkling medallions!

<See, girlfriend? Like any diamonds in the rough, these medallions just needed a little polishing to make them sparkle.>